Tuesday, March 2, 2010

0027: Not Little, Green, or Mannish

It was a 3 Way stand off inside the flying saucer.

Perhaps they were headed to The Wild, Wild Planet!

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  1. Dear Will, Keith Tucker gave me your site and I am having so much fun going through it. Your sketches, as always, are just great. Do you really draw on big yellow stickies. I remember you used to draw on video labels so I guess why not. I have an art show in Ybor City on 7 August and I'm the featured artist. I'd love to show you some of my work. I'm on Facebook if you want to see some samples. By the way, I'm also loving those videos. Where's you get "Buck Rogers" and "Batwoman"? They were a hoot. A friend told me there is a topless version of Dianne Webber's Mermaids of Tiborn". Do you know if that's true? The version I had was similar to yours. I also have a copy of "The Legend of the Wolf Woman" called "Werewolf Woman" on my copy. Such awful stuff it's good. Send me an email or Facebook comment.- Best, Nick Cuti