Tuesday, January 26, 2010

0001: It's Getting Stickie!

A  couple of weeks ago I realized that it had been at least a month since I'd taken time to draw something just for fun. I love drawing, but my day-to-day workload had been so heavy that I wasn't drawing much for pleasure. So, I started to do a sketch or two on Big Yellow Stickies every day, and would like to share them with you: A stickie a day, Monday through Friday every week.

I invite you other artist types to start your own stickie galleries. The drawings are small enough that they're quick to do, but big enough to do a nice sketch. And the stickie paper is a good medium with a cheery color.

Do some drawings and share the fun!

And speaking of Jungle Girls, does anybody remember this Gena Lee Nolin TV version of Sheena?

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